Workplace Campaign

The United Way campaign in your workplace offers a variety of volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer roles range from offering an hour of your time to help set up an agency speaker event to spending several weeks or months coordinating your entire workplace campaign.
There are several important roles within a workplace campaign and they include:

Employee Campaign Chairs

Employee Campaign Chairs coordinate and execute dynamic fundraising campaigns in their workplaces. This very important duty requires enthusiasm, commitment and a desire to have a great time while helping the community!

Campaign Committee

The Campaign Committee represents an enthusiastic team of volunteers who support the Employee Campaign Chair to help plan and carry out the steps of a successful campaign.


Canvassers are our front-line! They act as ambassadors, encouraging colleagues to participate in their Employee Campaign. These people play a vital role and add a personal touch by making individual visits to colleagues and answering questions about United Way and your campaign– in essence they are a volunteer sales force.

Community Leadership Chair

The Community Leadership Chair is a key volunteer in the workplace who is responsible for managing and monitoring the Community Leadership Campaign – a campaign which focuses on donations of $1000 or more.

To get involved with your workplace’s United Way campaign, contact your Employee Campaign Chair in your workplace.


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