Strength Investments

Civic participation is the single most sustainable way to address the region’s most pressing issues.  Healthy and engaged citizens are able to support strong neighbourhoods and vibrant communities.  Launched in 2010, Strength Investments goes beyond the formal programs United Way York Region traditionally funds and supports everyday people and groups already at work in their communities.

This catalytic funding invests in residents, businesses, faith groups coming together to create innovative and shared solutions to complex social issues.  The funding seeds and strengthens the infrastructure for bringing people together for critical thinking, strategic action planning and solutions seeking.  Strength Investments incubates and scales community-led social innovations for sustainable impact.

Click here to view the Strength Investments Model, updated March 2013.

On October 22, 2013 United Way York Region announced a funding call for Strength Investments initiatives seeking up to one-year funding for support of informal volunteer groups, networks, and existing/emerging community-based collaboratives working on innovative local solutions across the region. To find out more about this new Strength Investments opportunity, download the following documents:

Information Package

Expression of Readiness (Currently close)

Application Form (Currently closed)

For more information, please contact Christine Hill-Caballero at

Funded Projects and Application

Funded Projects
Information Package
Application Form


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