The Community Fund

When you donate to United Way York Region, your money goes into the Community Fund—a pool of donations that draws on the combined strength of donors like you to strengthen individuals, families and communities by supporting services that improve peoples’ lives. In addition to meeting the critical needs of our partner agencies working in the frontlines, the Community Fund goes beyond treating the symptoms of social problems in the region and addresses root causes.

Your donation supports a network of close to 100 programs providing vital social services to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the region—single parents, abused women, young children and teenagers, the elderly, the physically challenged, the homeless, and the many new immigrants who need help to realize their dreams of a better life in Canada.

United Way is the only major funding organization that delivers significant core operating support to social service agencies. This base support of funding provides stability and allows agencies the flexibility to develop and respond to emerging needs of the communities they serve. In addition to core funding, United Way York Region supports grant initiatives such as enhancement funding and Strength Investments.

Over 35 years of community investment expertise

Annual investment decisions are determined by United Way’s research and managed through a review process supported by community volunteers. Each year, the Community Investment Committee and subcommittees made up of residents from across the region make funding recommendations to United Way’s Board of Directors. These volunteers play an important role in ensuring donor dollars are spent according to current and emerging community service needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Enhancement Funding

Within the five-year investment cycle, UWYR may, on an annual basis, allocate extra funds through the Community Fund for enhancing service delivery and coordination of existing programs, or bridging service gaps and addressing emerging needs.

Strength Investments Fund

Strength Investments is a new funding initiative that builds civic muscle and supports informal voluntary networks of caring in communities. This funding provides financial and leadership help to volunteer groups, associations, and existing collaboratives to fulfill their mandates. Strength Investments supports projects that: 1) bring residents, community, business, faith groups and agencies together; 2) work on simple and collaborative responses to complex social issues; and 3) clearly show the impact of the project on community priorities. Read more here.

For more information about the Community Fund, including funding policies, process and outcome measurement, click here to access a copy of the Community Impact Model or please contact Andrea Wong, Community Investment Manager at or 905-474-9974 ext. 225.


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