What Your Gift Can Do

What your gift can do

Thanks to your dollars, United Way York Region ensures that help is getting to the people who need it most. Your support is also helping us strengthen whole communities and enable everyday people to create solutions that work for them. We are working at all levels – supporting people and groups in their neighbourhoods, supporting frontline programs and agencies, supporting research and policy change. And through your generosity, we are working to remain a remarkable region, one that is healthier and stronger for everyone.

Here are just a few examples of what your gift can do:

$50/$1.92* provides a person living with HIV/AIDS a continuum of care for a full year, including food, clothing and essential peer support, ensuring they remain healthy and active.

$125/ $4.81* per pay feeds a family of four living in poverty for one week, helping them rebuild their lives and gain the stability they need to move forward.

$400/$15.38* gives two girls between the ages of 4 and 18, the social tools and educational supports they need in and out of school, helping them stimulate interests, increase learning, and develop confidence.

$833/$32* provides one homeless adult six weeks of food, shelter and counselling, helping them to secure stable and affordable housing, employment and life skills support.

$1,000/$38* provides a year of counselling and life skill supports for two teens, helping them stay in school, manage life challenges and improve employment opportunities.

$2,500 / $96* provides three people experiencing homelessness with shelter, food and much-needed counselling over six weeks, helping them to secure stable and affordable housing, employment and life skills support.

*Per pay based on 26 pay periods per year (rounded up to the nearest dollar).

Take the challenge!

For a second year, United Way York Region is excited to offer donors of $1,000 or more the chance to increase the impact of their donations through The Community Leadership Challenge. The challenge will match first-time donations of $1,000 or more. Returning Community Leadership donors who increase their gift by 10 percent or more will also be matched dollar-for-dollar. When you give at the Community Leadership level, you will be recognized in our Honour Roll. More than that, you’ll make an even bigger impact on the lives of many people across our region.


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