The curtain is poised to fall on UWYR’s 2011 Fundraising Campaign and the trying economic times we live in have shown their gnarly nature. Based on our past year’s achievement the indications were optimistic for this year’s targets but the challenges have been great.

This is by no means a reason to give up though – the fundraising “bull-pen” at the UWYR’s Markham office is the hub of frenzied action and energy.  Staff and volunteers come together with close-out strategies, working to acquire the patronage of every last donor of the region. I know because I experienced this energy first-hand as a volunteer.

An artful drawing of a giant chocolate-chip cookie on the ‘motivation’ board illustrates the money required to meet our goal for the year and as “new” money is found or acquired, one gets to sink their teeth (or dentures…) into the sinful pleasure. Energy levels are surprisingly high and motivation is higher for in the bull-pen everyone is on the same team. Be it $100 or $1000 the jubilation is the same; then it’s a pat on the back and back to the drawing board.

Just thinking out loud, what if we the residents of York Region each donated $5 this week?  It could mean a couple of coffee’s to some, a lighter lunch to others, so on and so forth; we are surely familiar with the drill, the television has played this song over and over this holiday season. When you think about it, can by far be one of the most sensible investments we could kick-off with this year. Just imagine the possibility of dividends in needful services with which we may be able to help.

What do you say fellow residents of our great region, are you ready to jump on this wagon and lend a helping hand? Can you be that helping hand partner to that huge hand that is our safety-net? I hope so because I cannot face the thought of not making it to the finish line of the grueling marathon this team has run.

Help make positive change happen. Click here and donate now.

By Amita P., a dedicated United Way York Region volunteer.

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