A United Way York Region member agency, the Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR) promotes increased awareness for persons with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among our community, professional groups and relevant educational, social, recreational, medical, legal and employment sectors. 

By providing support, guidance, education, resource materials and opportunities for information sharing, the LDAYR assists persons with learning disabilities and their families. The association plays a leadership role in actively advocating for greater research in the field of learning disabilities and for legislative initiatives that will benefit the learning disabled.

Currently in need of volunteers for their on-going tutoring services, the LDAYR is looking for individuals who are interested in working with children and helping them reach their potential at school. Volunteers can range from high school students looking to complete volunteering hours, to retirees looking to give back to their community – and everyone else in between!

Those who do step up to the opportunity get a chance to work one-on-one with students from senior kindergarten to grade 8 on literacy and math subjects; resources, support and training will be provided to all those who sign up.

Volunteering for this program requires a nine month commitment, which includes a weekly one-hour session with your appointed student at your local public library and a monthly training session to ensure you are provided with all the information you need to tutor.

Interested? You can contact Helga Sirola, Community Development and Program Volunteer Coordinator at the LDAYR at 905-884-7933 ext. 26 or via email volunteer@ldayr.org. All those who apply will need to provide a Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check (a form that is provided by the LDAYR) and two volunteering or professional references.

To learn more about the outstanding work that the Learning Disabilities Association of York Region carries out on a daily basis, log onto www.ldayr.org.


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