On July 14, 2011, Rogers Communications donated seven adult men’s bikes to the Blue Door Shelters.

Established in 1982, Blue Door is a United Way York Region funded agency and a not-for-profit organization that has been an integral part of the community and an invaluable source of refuge for the homeless population of York Region.

The organization provides a safe and supportive shelter for homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless, and also provides services to help residents find permanent housing, accommodation and food, offers supportive counseling and more.

Recently, Blue Door identified a great need for bicycles. Given the isolated nature of the shelters’ locations, transportation is a challenge and many residents have difficulty commuting to locations to search out possible housing and employment opportunities.

Thanks to some creative thinking at ROGERS, employees came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of paying a facilitator to engage staff in a conventional team-building exercise, staff decided to take the money saved and build seven bikes for Blue Door Shelters. The Field Support Management Team at Rogers Communications worked together in groups to actually build bikes for the shelter – an inspiring team-building event indeed!

The bikes are already having a positive impact on the lives of residents. “People at the shelter are truly amazed at the donation of bikes. They’re not just being used for errands – but residents are more connected with the community and the health benefits are just fantastic!” said Ingrid Teunnisen, Shelter Supervisor.

To find out more about Blue Door Shelters, visit www.bluedoorshelters.ca.

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